Thursday, August 2, 2018

RNN of BBC Sound Effects

The BBC have released 16,000 Sound Effects for public use. This list was generated by training the RNN on their titles. Ideally these names need to be fed back into a different neural net which could reproduce the sounds!
  • Trap opened, person enters
  • Tree feeding with sound of fast roar
  • Single wood fall
  • 34 men. (Weight 6.0 kg.)
  • Heavy female crashes
  • Hens and footsteps - 1982
  • Big Ben receiver replaced
  • Approach of piglets
  • Three people in a cave.
  • Curtains being pulled - wooden barn door.
  • Baby girl, irritable trawler, drawer closed.
  • Amusement arcade atmosphere with lots of puddles
  • Spain: Busy canal locker
  • Footsteps on ice, ponderous, parakeets
  • Motor Van: Quiet safari park
  • Subdued concrete siren at school
  • Spain: Car Crash, small arms fire
  • Eighteenth Century machines with whistle, right to left
  • Pottery Factory: Dipping & Receiving Room
  • Ladder running out of road
  • Electric Typewriter: Close Perspective, medium-fast run. (Exterior)
  • 400 yards (reprocessed)
  • Children at play in St. Andrew's Church, Whittlesford, Cambs.
  • Warble Frequency Notes, 32ft pick up.
  • Fairgrounds: Ghost train ride with swords
  • Hospital telephone dining at night
  • BT ringing in yard
  • Inverse gun, distant traffic, quiet periods.
  • German Uncumpher, first bridge, seabirds.
  • Metal Ventilator. St. Mary's Church
  • Period Dinghy.
  • Bolth voices and some splashing
  • Fauticial train arrives, gaspsing
  • Wooden Thames, Starlings, electric area
  • Boys leaving crowd, quiet Foyer
  • Street fighting, recorded on Airgral telephone
  • Portcher sliding together
  • Berwick Steel door. Electric mudding axe, with some birdsong.
  • Lustable ringing
  • Restless horn blasts
  • Busy busy Saternational Base, 1759
  • Station, booking hall atmosphere, coffee machine
  • German U-Boat, mid-perspective from silo.  (1300cc engine, manual transmission.)
  • 1 woman on stone departing. (Dead acoustic.)
  • Norton 500cc, passing slowly with children, occasional cries in background
  • St. Mary-Le-Bow, exterior, take off
  • Dog from lorry, stop, doors opens
  • Full orchestra tuning up ladder with thicket, World War II. (From 78 r.p.m. disc)
  • Quiet atmosphere at dawn with small dog barking in background.
  • Light Tennis Quorn Airport
  • Woodland Region train, interior
  • Collie barking & general birds and traffic (night time).
  • General atmosphere with voices in background. (No bird song)
  • Sheep, exterior
  • Ammunition Factory, cartridge donkey - 1975
  • Diesel Train shunting trucks in straw squeaker
  • Mechanical horse moving crowded sea playground. (Specially created effect.)
  • Light traffic in a cave.
  • French Steam Train, interior
  • Man punting metal hand
  • Barman washing machine
  • Hand basin, plug removed & waves.
  • Wire ladder thrown down in pub.
  • Radion Shooters, gates open & close
  • 15 month old baby boy rowing, atmosphere and splashes.
  • Waterfall into cattle bread
  • One horse unharnessed and leaving refectory
  • Motor Van: On Gravel, start, run, stop. (Recorded on a metal ruler)
  • Liquid bubbling. Fairly late morning.
  • Land Rover, exterior, enemy keyboard operated
  • Teapot: Hall's passing.
  • Newbury Race Course, Squeaks, sluice on tower
  • Army Horse on turf
  • Edinburgh, Hammering people with gusty wind
  • Faff busy banks
  • 18 week old hoses play in distance.
  • Goosestep battle
  • NASA Space Ship Launch, rag cutting machine operating
  • Battle Crowd, mixed animated chat
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thanks to Janelle Shane for her extra experiments and the relinking back to the sound effects


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