Wednesday, May 23, 2018

An RNN of the top 1000 IMDB movies

using the char-rnn framework at
and input dataset of the top 1000 movies in imdb, the following names came out

temperature = 1.0

  • The Fingy of Vullivica
  • The Expwing Stind
  • Togdard and the Mirhmiblen
  • Palriem of the Firgersers
  • The Waner and Colonicy Planks of the Cov in Tiid
  • Mobkig Walklo
  • Face in the Skad
  • The Ewe
  • The Lest Speet
  • The Gaot Kilg
  • The List and the Ningeranf
  • Locking Keys
  • Gomeny Sole: Who Suaras Suljers
  • The Toy Forions
  • Creak:
  • A Perignut Ball
  • Mike Coter
  • My Loon
  • The Unile Rise of the Larks
  • The Rings of Luse
  • Froskents Lost
  • Nostoballer
  • Etranmerto 1: Ros
  • Sty
  • Sithh Curries
  • Street of Fospure
  • The Dunt
  • The Smingos Wenither
  • Gone of Sumety Walriets
  • Toof
temperature = 0.5 - it now spots lots of titles begin with The and of the is very common:
  • The Baller of the Coting of the Peart of the Last Colre
  • The Cring of the Perpen of the Sonsle of the Mimling Cilly
  • The Branes of the Ewes (must be the sequel to The Ewe)
  • Sonsie Street
  • Story Prinator
  • The Spinet and Gond: The Shine of the Beath
  • Pleet Street
  • The Mon the Son the Shon
  • The Pranation of the Deator
  • Crades of Wrance
  • Bat
  • The Shine of the River
temperature = 0.8
  • Love son Volle
  • The Hingilger Bins
  • Whork Bithers
  • Bone of the Wery
  • Glas of the Deater
  • The Spans of the Sevens of Celader
  • Plasterd
  • The Brians
  • Adict Men: Futhers
  • Binlin Dandad
  • The Edisant Cindungers
  • The Anger Story
  • Black
  • Fromec Molketoon
  • The Ridy Wife
  • Star Wars: Marhant Smes, Chiliders of the Great
  • The Spin Ring
  • Man
  • Star Trek Obila
  • The King of the Axe-Clogs
  • The Funing Coll of the Bearsingers
  • The Goo for Vurisoler
  • The Ring of the Store
  • The Shit Ganging
temperature=0.01 - so what's the most "boring" and obvious title?
  • The Ling of the Shines of the Shep

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